Monday, May 7, 2012

How to Destroy the 99%

There are rumors already that there are paid Blackwater-type people inserted into the 99% organization. These plants are to turn a peaceful revolution into a violent revolution, which will give the 1% oligarchies the gift of using the cops to break the demonstrations and put protesters in jail on trumpeted up charges. It is an old tactic that has been used ever since proletarian wage slaves have worked to better themselves. There is no doubt that the 99% and unions will be infiltrated with agitators and people who will try to disrupt the movement, but also will be imbedded with FBI, law enforcement and private agitators. The 99% should counter this by not allowing anyone to wear a face mask, such as Guy Fawkes’ Anonymous mask, to hide their faces or identifications. Cops and FBI agents do not like their pictures taken. The 99% should perhaps vet its leaders and boisterous members before engaging any of their suggestions. This is a war and the GOP anti-union will pull out all the stops to destroy the 99% and union movement. Looking back at history, the coalminers’ fight for better wages and safety is a good example. The mine owners hired Pinkerton detectives and private thugs to break up the movement. In some cases the infiltration reached the top of the ranks of the movement. This was how it was done in the 1800s and it will be the same in the next seven months of 2012.