Monday, May 7, 2012

GOP uses Hitler's Playbook

The 99% and unions are starting to worry the GOP and oligarchies are starting to turn their rhetoric toward the unions. Why? It’s because the unions can still raise money and put people on the ground. This is why the GOP/oligarchies must stop unions just like Adolph Hitler did in 1933 when issued an edict abolishing all labor unions as part of his effort to ban any political opposition. The GOP/oligarchies are pushing toward this same outcome. This is what we, the 99% and unions, must do to provide one hell of a lot of political opposition. This is a war between the very rich 1% or 1/10th of the 1% and the wage slaves and yes, Obama did appoint a majority of the current members of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which was established in 1935. The NLRB was stacked against unions by the Bush administration, and now it is a fair board to all wage slaves. The GOP/oligarchies are afraid that if President Obama gets re-elected and brings along the Congress and retains the Senate then he, the President, will get the Free Choice Act (card check) passed, which still allows an election if employees want one. If workers don’t want an election then they can ask for card check and 51% wins and negotiations must begin. This takes the unfairness out of the prolonging of the election, which gives the employees the advantage of having time to pressure, harass and intimidation of their captive wage slaves, which is against the rules of the NLRB. Union-busting lawyers during the years have found loopholes in the NLRB rules to use against unions. So now is the time to plug those holes. We must have a person in office who will do what is right for our wage slave workers. The GOP anti-union oligarchies are worried about the power of the 99%/unions. Yes, they are. We know we’re having an impact when a GOP syndicated columnist uses the words “unions” and “union bosses” 180 times in a 640-word column. There is a war by the 1% against the 99%, and the GOP 1% are hearing us and starting to fear us and this is what we want for if they have to look at Adolph Hitler’s playbook to win then we are winning.