Friday, May 18, 2012

The GOP’s Hunting Club

What is a person to do when you have billions of dollars and you get bored? What some of these billionaires have done or are doing is to start their own elite billionaire hunting club. First, you need a place to hunt so they buy a state and then buy the elected officials who govern those states so they can start hunting. The hunters have set their sights on union people, the wage slaves, who are the game or hunted. Ahhh --- the feeling of power and the thrill of the hunt. Union busting trophies equal more money for billionaires. What a sport. But why just stop at states when, with the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, they can buy the whole country, which would create the world’s largest hunting club. They would have the wage slaves serve them by working for less. The billionaires could make more money. The club is already up and running and all you need to join is a billion dollars. You could buy and hunt with these big name billionaires, such as Foster Friess, Harold Simmons, Sheldon Adelson, Harlan Crow, Frank Vandersloot, Joe Ricketts, and the Koch brothers. You union workers who support the GOP will never ever be able to join this hunting club, but if you vote and support them they will use your vote to play Russian roulette and you will be the one holding the gun to your own head. These billionaires are doing this for fun because they are bored with lighting cigars with $100 bills. What is left for them to do? Better yet, what will be left for the 99%?