Sunday, September 16, 2012

GOP has Buyer’s Remorse

Mitt Romney has no chance to be honestly elected for he has no solid base. His so-called base is very uneasy about his religion, his ability to make decisions and stick with those decisions. His inability to stick with decision means there will never be stability in long range planning. No one can be sure what he would do in one or four years down the road. And when the oligarchies invest millions and millions of dollars in something they expect a greater return on their investment. This explains one reason why Romney is flip-flopping. The GOP money people are starting to get nervous, which is good for us 99%, but we must not back down on our agenda and stay focused on winning. When the GOP is losing it makes them do more desperate things. We should keep the pressure on, but not scare them into some crazy response that Democrats will have to respond to. At this time we, the 99%, might just win the presidency and enlarge our numbers in the Senate and House, and ultimately gain us a majority in the U.S. Supreme Court. We always look at the long-range consequences when making today’s decisions. For the home stretch, we should educate our friends and families, invest whatever we can in time and money and not let up until we have voted and got everyone we know to vote. This is our last chance. If we don’t win we are looking at 30 to 40 years to recover to where we are today.