Monday, September 24, 2012

The Corporate Oligarchies’ Plan

The corporate oligarchies’ plan is to turn the American worker into an uneducated, underclass, subsistent wage slaves, which will put the American Dream out of reach. Even at this time the Dream is a lie still being told to our young people today. The money hogs’ worship of profits has brought a plague upon our country, the environment, and our cities. While the oligarchies are doing this to us, the Wall Street speculators loot and pillage to the point we now know their plan and whether they know it or not it is a self-destructive plan. We will have to help them self-destruct for the oligarchies are working out of the old play book where they want to feed us 24-hour television and run up our credit card debt, work to pay off our loans and be grateful for the scrapes the corporations GOP toss us. That is their old short-term strategy, but we, the 99%, and unions have a grand strategy that is nonviolent shift in power by attacking the columns that hold up the power structure. Those columns are the military, police, media, businesses, workers’ unions and nonunion, youth, faith groups, and civil servants. When we deal with these groups we must remember our goal is to pull these groups over to us even if we just get a few in each group to understand that they are not the 1%and never will be. What we must explain and hope the 1% understands is it was the 1930s New Deal, which was the mechanism that saved capitalism from collapse. The GOP and oligarchies want to dismantle the New Deal. The corporations of today, like Walmart, Home Depot, big banks like Bank of America, are devouring us from the inside out. They have no allegiance to the 99% or our country. They are like a Trojan horse in our mist; in fact, I would say, they are parasites feasting on what’s left of the Middle Class. Either way the election goes in November we must be ready for street combat to save the 99%. We must remember what George Orwell wrote that all tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force. We have now entered the era of naked force. The internal security and surveillance state justified in the name of protecting us during war or from terror will be the instrument used against the 99% and unions.