Sunday, September 16, 2012

Was Henry Ford smarter than the Walton family?

Was Henry Ford smarter than the Walton family the Walmart owners? Henry Ford was ruthless in his opposition to unions and union contracts, hiring thugs called “Ford Service Workers,” who used any and all manner of force to keep out unions for years. But when Ford settled his first union contracts with the auto workers it was one of the best union contracts in the U.S. When reporters asked Ford why he settled and why at such a good wage, Ford told them he wanted his workers to be able to afford to buy his cars. This kind of thinking is what made the Middle Class; but the Walmart people do not see what Henry Ford saw: the workers as customers. Walmart sees workers as cheap labor. Underpaid labor does not buy TVs, and other luxury items. They just barely can buy their necessities. Could this be the reason Walmart started selling food? The low wages Walmart pays and the enticements for workers to spend their meager earnings is akin to the days when companies owned the houses and stores where workers lived paid its workers in "scrip" that can only be spent at the company’s store. If this is true that wage slaves make just enough to buy their basic necessities and the wage slaves keep losing ground in their hours and buying power, what will the Walmart-type of big box stores sell? You cannot go much lower than food in your basic needs so when Walmart pollutes the wages out of greed it is driving down the economy. Why does Walmart think this is a good idea? Do the Walmarts, Home Depot and Target owners just hate us workers or are they afraid of us? You have to wonder why Walmart has union workers in China and not in the U.S. or does the Chinese government care more about its workers than we do in the U.S. Or is it that our union and nonunion workers elected people, called Blue Dog Democrats, who just don’t care about the wage slaves and continue to sell them out like the GOP? Wage slaves vote and give our hard earned money so you have to ask yourself, “Why do we do this?” It’s like an abusive relationship we keep coming back and the Blue Dogs crap all over us. It’s time to stop being victims.