Saturday, September 15, 2012

Time to Fight

Now is the time for the Democrats and unions and all wage slaves to attack because the GOP is in disarray. We, the workers, must now also demand what we want in return for our services to the Democratic politicians. And we also must explain to our fellow wage slaves what we will get for our money and time. One thing we deserve is: card check for unions, which will enlarge union membership and tighten up the National Labor Relations Board laws. And for the nonunion workers and their families some of the things we would be looking very hard at the trend of 39-hour work weeks to keep workers off pensions, healthcare, vacation and overtime. Another area to look at is the temporary hiring agencies, which take advantage of the workers desperate for work. The money that the employer pays the temp agency would be more money the worker could earn. The temp agency is a middle man and why are they needed if not for greed? We, the proletarians, need to know just what we are fighting for and tell everyone. The GOP knows what they want and what their investments will earn them, so why do we keep our needs and wants a secret? Now is the time to make our demands clear. The GOP is on the run right now and they are losing this election. With the GOP on the defensive, now is the time to attack (Art of War). Art of War strategy and tactics are: 1). When the enemy advances we retreat 2). When the enemy halts we harass 3). When the enemy seeks to avoid battle, we attack 4). When the enemy retreats, we pursue So at this time I think #3 and #4 are appropriate. A lot of the 99% who support the GOP are not donating any money to the Republicans because they know the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adleson and other 1%ers are giving millions of dollars so why would the GOP need their little tokens of money. The answer is simple. If you don’t invest you have no ownership in the election. We, the Democrats, put our money in smaller amounts, but it is our investments in our future and hopefully protect Social Security, healthcare, union rights, pensions, safety at work, unemployment benefits, and food stamps. We must organize our workers and working families into a hardcore fighting machine and then use the 4 strategies of the Art of War and never stop again.