Friday, June 6, 2014

Class War Coming?

Are we about to enter into a class war? We are living in three different countries, but the same USA. All have sharply different lifestyles across the nation, and even worldwide. The most affluent have been seceding from the rest of the country into their own separate geographical communities with tax bases or fees that can underwrite much higher levels of services. The business class and ultra-wealthy have moved into office parks and gated communities and rely increasingly on private security guards instead of public law enforcement. They can afford private spas and clubs rather than using public parks and pools. Their children go to private schools or elite public schools within their upscale communities rather than attend city schools with working class children. Being rich now means having enough money that you don’t have to encounter or interact with anyone who isn’t in their social class. So, now the rich are totally out of touch with the poor, the minimum wage workers and the other way around. This will only breed suspicion and envy or hatred and disdain toward each other. Unless the inequality is stopped from widening and the spenders get some more cash in their pockets there will be consequences. When the “have littles” and the new class of “used to haves,” which are the bitterest of all, come together and find out there is no hope only despair this will create a toxic mix. With the advent of the Internet, Twitter Reddit, and cellphones it won’t be long before the majority of people get fed up being screwed so a few can live beyond most people’s imagination. Also, we now must add to this mix all the service men and women coming back from the longest wars we ever have had. Where do they fit in? Will the gated communities open their gates and their clubs? If not then our veterans will become the have littles or used-to-have. A split country will not work. The workers will find where the oligarchies live and start visiting them just like a protest demonstration at David Koch’s home on Park Avenue in New York City. It can all be stopped or slowed down by a $15 to $18 an hour minimum wage. Is this worth playing for? Thisi s perfect example of class disconnect between the "have" and the "have nots." What is this world coming to when we no longer have compassion?