Saturday, June 28, 2014

Workers' Pursuit of Happiness

The plight of the Do-Nothing people: Edmund Burke said that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” So this is the mission of the Doers to get the Do-Nothings to start supporting the high wages of $15 to $18 an hour and a return to free education. One way is to never struggle without stopping to catch your breath and take inventory of where you started and how far you have come, like trying to climb up a mountain without stopping. You must first visualize there is a top, like seeing $15 to $18 an hour and free education as the top of the mountain, climb to a plateau. We have reached a plateau of $10 an hour, some even at $15 an hour, but we cannot rest on the plateau for long for if we do the opposition will have time to regroup and counter attack our efforts. At this time, the Have Nothings, Have Littles, Used to Haves, and the Want Mores are winning the wage fight, but the money people are slow walking the wage increase by dragging their feet and by throwing bread crumbs of $10 an hour at low wage workers hoping that the crumbs will fill you up and stop your hunger. Think meat and potatoes, not bread crumbs. We must show the Do-Nothings that we are the side who is winning and most people want to play on the winning team. Remember, the pursuit of happiness is a never-ending quest. Happiness lies in the pursuit. The workers of the world in places like Ukraine, Belgium, Turkey, Spain, Greece, all of Asia, South America and African countries are not stopping their pursuit of happiness and a better life for their families. So, we in the USA should not be the first to slowdown or quit the fight. We must keep the pressure on with different tactics, actions and utilize all events of the period, as such protests, marches, sit ins at your elected officials’ offices, for our purpose of raising the stands of living for the wage slaves.