Saturday, June 14, 2014

Worldwide Workers Unite

There is not much the oligarchies fear or respect, but one is strong unions, who are organized. Oligarchies don’t care that unions represent the interests of hard working people who earn them their wealth. They don’t respect unions because union members know and trust each other. They have a fairly good education regarding their line of work and want a better life for themselves and their families. Also, union members will fight for their countries and jobs when called upon. Just like the miners, rail workers, and other workers in Ukraine who are pushing back the Russian-back separatists. Also, the miners in Turkey are fighting for job security, both in maintaining their jobs and in doing their jobs in the wake of the 300 miners’ deaths. The mine collapse was due to safety cuts caused by greed and indifference toward the miners. Turkey is not the only country with poor mining safety. In the U.S., mines have a lack of safety enforcement and a rise of Black Lung disease killing 10,000 miners between 1998 through 2008. Again, it will be the workers make the difference. The workers struggles are worldwide from Bangladesh, China and most South American countries to the U.S. The USA should be leading the way for workers’ rights in all job related concerns, like living wage for $15 to $18 to $22 an hour, free education through college, job safety, pensions, healthcare, and the right to form unions. We must remember what unions have done in the past and what they are capable of doing today. For they, the workers, will be the ones who will save Ukraine from the Russians and a Ukraine oligarchy billionaire, Petro Yanukovych—the candy czar, went to his union workers to support the troops and law enforcement to fight off the pro-Russian gangs and they will win there National Unity and Sovereignty, and this should be a lesson for the USA workers to fight for their rights and the rights of others, like the steel workers strike in Illinois where 350 members of Local 7999 are fighting an anti-union assault. Remember, it is class warfare, the 47 to 99 percent against the 1 percent and it is a fight to the end. Even John Hopkins Hospital workers don’t even make a living wage. Some have worked 30 to 40 years and don’t make $15 an hour. Hopkins is number one hospital, donating millions of dollars, and yet its workers receive crappy wages. They take billions in donations and force workers onto welfare programs. Thirty-three countries are demanding a working wage of $15 to $18 an hour. It is worldwide class warfare going on. Join the fight and be a part of history, we need everyone.