Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Prime Economic Pump

It is time to prime the pump of the economy with cash just like you would prime a water pump to get water from a well. The cash needed to prime the pump for the capitalist economy will have to come by way of higher wages for the poor working, such as a minimum wage of $15 to $18 an hour. The wealthy do not spend money like the poor, and anyone not in the multi-millionaires club are considered the poor. The poor are the spenders and drivers of an economy because there are more of us than of the wealthy. The poor’s spending does two things: increase tax revenue and provide jobs to produce the items spenders purchase that ultimately make the profits the wealthy hoard and stash in overseas banks. When people are paid more they buy more, more taxes accrue and there is a huge savings by people not using government assistance. This will then provide cash for our governments to start rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, such as the pot-hole filled roads, rusting bridges, polluted water, deteriorating sewer lines, outdated electrical grids, all levels of our schools system, and many other areas. The key to unlock all of this is the workers winning a minimum wage increase of at least $15 to $18; winning this fight along with free education, our workers will be the best work force in the world again. Look back over our history, there was a time the wealth was more evenly divided and our country thrived, but then some people got greedy and reverted back to the days of slave wages. If we don’t increase the wages for the lowest workers, our country will keep falling behind and apart and we could become a feudal society like the ancients endured or start looking like Africa, Syria, or Egypt where the fight is over power because power equals money. The oligarchies must be talked into or made to kick lose some of the hoarded cash to make the capitalist system they so revere work. If there is no cash or water to prime the pumps, the pumps cannot produce water. So either the cash hoarders or the government must put up the money needed to prime the economy. Just look around at the rest of the world with inept leaders with bad ideas. Remember, it is up to the people. Like Thom Hartmann always says, when he signs off his show, “Tag, you’re it.”