Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chamber of Commerce Enemy of Workers

The Art of War says that you must know your enemy and, yes, there is a war between the 1 percent’s very rich and the corporate chief executive officers against the toilers. The toilers do not know just who their enemies truly are because the anti-union, anti-worker corporations spend our money (from buying their products) to pound us with misinformation The inequality keeps the toilers heads bent low trying to just trying to scrap by with minimum wage jobs that they don’t have the time of energy to stand up, look around and compare notes with other toilers and understand what they, the 1 percent, are doing to us. The worst part is we give them the bullets (our money) to use against. When we do business with a store that belongs to the Chamber of Commerce, which is just a union by a different name. They use their dues to lobby against unions and higher wages for the workers, safety laws and benefits. They look out for themselves, not the workers who will eventually be their customers. The Chamber of Commerce is the oldest and largest enemy of the workers yet we walk into their member’s stores and hand over our money while standing in front of the counter bearing the Chamber decal or placard proclaiming the establishment as proud Chamber members. Why? The Chamber and Restaurant Association (another term for union) are the loudest of the enemies against the $15 to $18 an hour minimum wage hike, but when we get it they will be glad to take our money and continue to use it against us. One thing these greedy parasites haven’t considered is that they want to raise prices in their stores, but who can still afford what they have to offer since our wages haven’t increase. It’s not rocket science. Businesses need to understand, as do the shoppers, who businesses should be catering to and it’s not the Chamber or some politician, for without customers, businesses go under. Maybe we should buy bullets to pay for items at stores and corporations like Home Depot, Walmart, Bank of America, Target, Hobby Lobby and so on because they’re going to use it against us anyway. Let’s lift our heads up and find the corporations who use their profits and care enough about our country and workers to create more good paying jobs. There are some out there—hopefully. Paying $15 to $18 an hour helps with job creation.