Monday, August 25, 2014

Fight Back Before It's Too Late

What would the world be like if the dream of the old International Workers of the World (IWW) could come true? The IWW thought that all toilers of the world were the same and all had rights and there is no need for country borders. All workers are brothers and sisters. So if this is true, there would not be a reason for war. All would have a place in the world, such as Israel, Palestine, Kurdistan and Ukraine would not be fighting to hold onto their spot of land in the world. It is always the toilers who do the fighting and dying for the people in the background, who pull the strings of war. How do the toilers get forced into killing their brothers and sisters? A lot of this is rooted in a lack of education and religion. As long as there are borders around countries, the string masters can manipulate the toilers to do their bidding. Sooner or later the toilers of the world will figure out that they are the ones with the power. When they do they’ll have to decide if they want to continue to be hired killers of our/their brothers and sisters or do we want to live in a world of peace. The decision must be made soon for the string pullers are getting much more powerful everyday with weapons, police, and government troops. The driving force to split the toilers’ allegiance is inequality in wages and life style. The toilers just have to remember that their weapons are hands up or hands in their pockets or just walk. These weapons cans top production (hands in pockets or just walking away) and hands up shows the police that there is no threat, just peaceful protests. It is time to rebuild the world for the 99 percent. We should be using the money, which is being horded by the 1 percent to rebuild the world’s infrastructure, build new infrastructure, such as roads, hospitals, schools, and with this will come jobs. Also, we must look at population control and climate change. Yes, we, the wage slaves, the toilers, are the ones who will have to make the changes and make it work. It always comes back to us little people, who fight the rich people’s wars. It takes courage to fight back, but it’s been done many times before when the greedy got out of control as it is now. We, the toilers, are the rubber that hits the road.