Friday, August 29, 2014

Wake Up or Lose Social Security & Post Office

The enemy of the toilers has finally figured out how to destroy our unions and the Holy Grail of liberal assets such as Social Security and the U.S. Postal Service. They are using the old Trojan horse tactic. What is happening is that the GOP has implanted the enemy inside these agencies as heads of the agencies. These people are not union protected and therefore are at-will employees who, for the most part, are at the end of their careers and are not willing to jeopardize their pensions to fight for their workers. In the case of Social Security workers their diabolical plan is to shut down the offices in which there are real people to guide retirees through the maze of red tape to get their Social Security they paid into the system or Social Security Disability Insurance. Their answer for why this is being done is automation is more efficient in doing a person’s job by computer or phone, which will then destroy the Social Security system. When the stories start coming out it may be too late and this is the ultimate dream of the GOP since the agency was enacted. The Post Office is under the same attack and the GOP is even further ahead with its plan, thanks to Republican Congressman Darrel Issa. This will delay mailed medications, Social Security, pension checks, voting by mail and advertisements sent in the mail, especially for small businesses. Again, it is being decimated by department heads who have promoted to positions that are now not covered by unions and most are just hanging on until retirement. All of this goes back to the workers not paying attention to who they support in the elections – listening to the candidate’s rhetoric ad not their ties and past behaviors—has the candidate actually supported unions. It is up to the workers to keep themselves informed and not listen to the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, or any of the other paid union haters, who are the enemy who supports the Trojan horse attacks. The 99 percent must get their heads out of the their butts and start fighting back or the next election we could lose our Post Office followed by Social Security, voting rights healthcare, food stamps and unemployment insurance. The GOP are winning from the inside out and depending on our sickness of apathy and ignorance, and so far they are kicking our collective asses.