Sunday, May 17, 2015

Challenge the Establishment with Your Mobile Phones

We, wage slaves, need to start using our mobile phones, laptops and desk computers to better our lives economically and not just to visit social media sites or to play games. All—young and old wage slaves alike—must set aside some time each day to try to help our sister and brother toilers of the world, such as sending messages or starting Twitter trend or bombarding their website with protest messages to the Iranian government demanding the release of the trade unionists being held in prison for fighting for their civil rights to have a union bus company. The names of the union activists are: Davood Razavi, Ebrahim Madadi, and Mahoud Salehi. These toilers need to know they are not alone in the world. And in Budapest, Hungary, union leader Lazlo Benko was fired by a multinational transportation company, Hödlmayr International. We, toilers, need to send a message to the corporations that the world knows what they are doing. We need to show our disdain and outrage to the Kentey Manufacturing corporation, a rubber slipper factory, which had bars installed on their two-story factory and no safety equipment that led to the deaths of 72 workers in a fire. It took five hours to put the fire out. We need to help the small country of Macedonia; the people are taking to the streets to take on their leader of nine years. He wants a tenth term in office, but the citizens are tired of him wiring tapping them, and his corrupt practices and want him to step down. This is just greed over lives. Use the technology that you have and show you care and support these people and their families. Remember, this is a class war between the Haves and the Have Nots. Just in the U.S. an average chief executive officer makes 373 times more than the average worker. So like a television show host, Ed Schultz, says “Get your cell phones out and go to work.” We have the power and the technology to turn around the anti-union, anti-worker assault on the people by the world’s oligarchies. Here in the U.S., we still need our $15 to $18 an hour minimum wage, healthcare and pensions in order to get off government assistance.