Thursday, May 14, 2015

Put Your Hands in Your Pockets

The $15 to $18 an hour minimum wage fight is winning with support of the United Healthcare workers #1199 SEIU. This can be effective by targeting the international corporations that pays low wages, such as McDonalds, Walmart, and clothing factories that supply U.S. stores and colleges. There are now hundreds of people and groups across the U.S. and worldwide who are speaking out for the world’s toilers. The wage slaves are showing the low-wage unsafe corporations there is no place to hide. All toilers are demanding what is their civil rights, which is a safe place to work, a living wage, dignity, vacation pay, pensions, healthcare, and a free education to the bachelor’s level, and if the world’s wage slaves can get this then maybe they can get safe drinking water, safe food, toilets, clean air—the things that make life bearable and can give hope that their children will have a better life than the present wage slaves. We, toilers, must understand it is up to us to stop the wars and the inequality. If we are waiting on the government to do these things for us, it will never happen. Understand wars ae started to make more money for the profiteers, because peace is not gained through violence—just look where invading Iraq got us. The toilers have the power and all we have to do it put our hands in our pockets just like the old International Workers of the World did. If your hands are in your pockets you cannot shoot your co-toiler nor can you work for a corporation that needs you to make them richer. If the toilers think government will save them, just look at the recent election in the UK who overwhelming elected the conservative party that now says they will go to austerity and cut social programs. We need worldwide solidarity to support countries like Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, UK, Ireland, Russia, China, South America, Mexico and Syria. This is just a few. The greatest threat to our freedoms of speech and protests does not come from terrorists, but from those who are elected to protect it. Just look at the U.S.’s NSA program, UK’s David Cameron saying “thought police” are needed to control what people say, think or do—meaning he wants UK residents to rat out their neighbors. Chris Hedges has an excellent article on this at: What to do? Put your hands in your pockets and your feet on the streets—we can and will win this again. Do we have to go through another Great Depression, where the greedy brought down the U.S. and European economies or are we going to fight back before it gets that far?