Monday, May 25, 2015

Words Matter

There are words that the 1 percent oligarchies do not want used by the wage slaves and the Have Nots. These words went through a kind of linguistic cleansing and then used against the ordinary person. Derogatory phrases like “working class,” “oligarchy,” “reserve army of labor plutocracy,” robber baron,” “ruling class,” “class warfare,” “Marx,” “Have Nots,” “Have Littles,” “living wage,” “sweat shops,” “Gilded Age,” “crony capitalism,” “social Darwinism,” “survival of the fittest.” It’s important to also understand the subliminal effect that these words has on our mental process, which occurs below the threshold of consciousness and how it can affect someone's mind without their being aware of it. If you hear a term enough times without giving consideration for what you’re actually hearing, you absorb it and repeat it not realizing you're propagating the enemy's message. These words or sayings were purposely excluded from print in many published material and solely excluded from talk show hosts. But, the wage slaves must have an understanding of this nomenclature, and begin using these terms in their everyday conversations with one another and if the person they are conversing with doesn’t know the term, it gives the speaker an opportunity to share their knowledge and history of the wage slave history. Once again, we must know ourselves (history) to be able to win this class and inequality war of our lives. These words were very powerful description of what was happening to the Have Nots in the second Civil War, was after the Civil War when the Haves and the Have Nots in the mines and the Bloody Fights on the railroads, steel mills, and in city streets and out on the great plains. This was a war to the death between the Haves and the Have Nots, a war class against class turning into what was called Two Nations. Now, could this be happening again, not only here, but worldwide? Looking at history, there is a lot of similarities with the Gilded Age. And the playbook has already been written in blood. To understand the playbook you must understand the words and who is using them.