Thursday, May 28, 2015

Unions Should Use Scythians' Example

Unions need to become very unpredictable in their overall strategy and their tactics. They need to become ghosts with no financial assets, which would give the ghost leaders no fear of losing assets in a court of law and would be hard if not impossible to link responsibility to a ghost. This type of warfare tactic was adapted from the Scythian king and used against the Persian Army of Darius in the early 6th century. Darius lost and retreated without ever having a chance to fight because he could not get King Scythian to stop and fight and the reason for this was because the Scythians had no cities or cultivation for their enemies to destroy or take. They had nothing to defend, no assets to protect. If unions took on this practice, today’s court of law would have nothing to take from unions. Scythian said killing the enemy is easy, but it’s the finding of him that is difficult. This is as true today as ever. Your enemy will not meet you on your own terms, only on his and this is why asymmetric warfare is as old as recorded history and is quoted in “The Art of War.” This is why the Occupy Wall Street was successful for a time, but they stayed in one place too long. They should have moved and been ghost-like and then come back just like Anonymous has done. Anonymous is still relevant because they can’t be found. Do you suppose Anonymous is familiar with the Scythians? We need to understand the lessons of the Scythians. It worked in warfare and it will work in the battle between the Haves and Have Nots, and the fight against inequality and the killing of U.S. civilians. The sad thing is that this Scythian style of warfare appears to being used in the Middle East by ISIS/ISIL and we do not know how to stop it. Maybe the answers are in the history books, but all will use Scythians’ tactic until there is a way to defeat it.