Wednesday, June 10, 2015

GOP Usurping Laws of the Land

The Have Nots Used to Haves and Have Littles fight for opportunity and wage inequality has a new threat. The GOP has found a way to take away the courts, which could rule in favor of the little people or in favor of a labor disagreement. How? By usurping the laws of the land. Just take a look at what Kansas Governor Sam Brownback told his state Supreme Court that if they did not rule the way he wants he will stop funding for the entire court system. If the people think they can use their vote to rectify this atrocity think again. Brownback is one step ahead of the proletariats. He just passed a law that gives Secretary of State Kris Kobach the power to prosecute whoever he thinks has committed voter fraud even if they did not. This is just to send a message that if a voter has any doubt about their voter identification to vote this will stop a lot of potential voters from even going to the polls. The GOP in other states are watching and will probably try the same thing. So this is why workers trying to start unions should just try to form workers unions and stay away from 100 percent vote and just take who wants to join and pay dues then will be protected under the concerted effort law, which means if two people or one person says the word “we” as in “we would like a raise” or some safety thig taken care of, the worker cannot be disciplined or fired. It is time to change for our country of laws are starting to be a joke when politicians can threaten the courts, and people with money can walk with good lawyers and make bail, which nonunion poor people do not have the means for either.