Sunday, June 28, 2015

Honduras & Chile Set Example

In Honduras, the people are done with graft, crooked politicians and greed. With thousands in the street, they are marching to get their president to leave office and be replaced by a new, honest government. Is this what the U.S. government is headed for? If the 1 percent oligarchies can and have bought most of the governments from the federal level to the city level. It looks and sounds not much different from Honduras, maybe under different names, but the results are the same. The 97 percent of the people have lost control of their government with the loss of their vote that is now bought by billionaires. For example, to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership, congressmen John Boehner received $5.3 million; Kevin McCarthy received $2.4 million; Paul Ryan $2.4 million; and Pat Tiberi $1.6 million for their yes votes. The fight against money in politics is now fought in the streets and when this happens the blame will be in the heads of the money people who pay lobbyists. In the long run the proletarians will win, but the cost of the win will be high and possibly devastating. The 99 percent Have Nots will have no choice but to go to the streets. Construction workers in Chile took to the streets and cranes and hoisted their boss’ vehicle high into the air to protest their working conditions. We are sitting on a powder keg—not just in the U.S., but the world over and it is all caused by lust for money, power and greed. The 1 percent should read the Art of War, which says to never put your opponent in a place where there is no retreat for if you do; they will have no choice but to fight. Here and in the rest of the world could find the proletariats in the streets with pitchforks or back in places like the Haymarket or Pullman revolts. These were not good times for the 1 percent or the 99 percent. So, will the 1 percent figure out what they are doing is bad for the capitalist system before it is too late. At this time they, the 1 percent, could stop the masses moving to the streets by supporting an increase in the minimum wage to a livable amount, beginning at $15 to $18 an hour and stop blocking people’s voting rights. Remember the Have Nots and Have Little are the workers who drive the capitalist system and also the ones who fill the ranks for protection of our country. Do the 1 percent really want to find out?