Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Labor Needs a Worldwide Movement

Labor needs a worldwide movement and now is the time for the world’s labor and the proletarians are ready. Labor needs to be unified, such as Germany, South Africa and Brazil. The U.S. unions need to have a better unified political agenda. The U.S.at this time is ranked at the bottom in workers’ rights by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). We rank four out of five in ITUC’s categories, and the ones who are five have no rule of law, like Somalia and Ukraine. The fours also include countries like Iraq, Peru, and Mexico. This should be a reality check for the U.S. unions. This was started when the AFL and the CIO merged in 1955 and never could agree on a common strategy for the common good of labor, but maybe labor is starting to wake up to the reality that labor needs to bring everyone into its fold. A good start is the $15 to $18 an hour minimum wage, which will probably be won by the people using Sycthanian tactics with significant structural reform in American politics and economic justice and the opportunity equality, such as free education, health care, and pensions. World labor is winning, like the Turkish auto workers who are working at the Oyak-Renault factory in Bursa. They are kicking ass. They just won better wages, better working conditions and the right to choose a union. Also, last month the workers at Turk Metal won a 60 percent wage hike at Bosch Fren parts makers.