Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Threat: Center on Reinventing Public Education

There is a new attack, among the never ending attacks, on the proletarians. The 1 percent is relentless in their hate and contempt for the wage slaves, unions and Have Nothings. These people represent the Chamber of Commerce, American Manufacturing Association, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), American City Council Exchange (ACCE) and now a new threat: the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE). This is a secret group that wants to take over our school systems. This education reform powerhouse is funded by people like the Koch brothers, who would like to break the teachers’ union and be the people who decides school curriculum. They would destroy the public education system and replace it with a private school with a voucher system and do away with school boards that would be replaced with corporate board who want to see a good bottom line for their investments. This would be their number one priority and the students are an afterthought, taught right-wing thinking and kept ignorant. Charter schools will be run like a business with no thought for the students and the less education the wage slaves have the easier they are to control. First they sent all the jobs overseas, now they’re dumbing further down our education system so the masses don’t’ notice what they’re doing and will fight amongst themselves over the chicken scratch. ALEC, ACCE and CRPE are funded by the very wealthy, free-market focused special interests, including the Koch brothers, and the Walton Foundation (Walmart). Do not take my word for it, search the Internet and then consider: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker not only strangled the unions in his state by cutting collective bargaining rights for most government workers, he is now going after the state universities, and, along with the Republican-held Legislature, are pushing for control over tenure and curriculum. David Koch sits on the Smithsonian board and he was one of several donors to Smithsonian-affiliated scientist Willie Soon, who received $1.25 million from the Koch brothers, Exxon Mobil, and American Petroleum Institute, to publish junk science denying man-made climate change. Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch owns the History Channel and the Learning Channel, both no longer air true educational programming.