Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Are Pot Employees Smarter

Minimum wage should be called a living wage. Some employers say $15 an hour is too high and that people won’t buy their goods if they have to pay their workers $15 an hour minimum wage. If this is true then maybe this is a business that should not have employees and maybe that business should just be an owner-based company and no employees. I’m sure the owners would soon figure out a way to not have to work and figure out how to pay someone to do the work for $15 an hour and still make a profit, just a little less than the large amounts made by screwing the workers over. Businesses always find ways to stay in business when fuel and increase costs in goods needed for production, but it is just the wages that seems to put them out of business. It is like President Roosevelt said if a business can only afford to pay starvation wages they should not be in business. I think the $15 an hour minimum wage Genie is out of the bottle ad there is no stopping the movement unless the workers become apathetic and quit fighting. Workers need to put pressure on all cities and counties, which will push the states and in turn will pressure the federal government to bring about change. Another fight that would help the economy in states would be to legalize marijuana. Pot workers are already starting to unionize so are the pot workers smarter than the states?