Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Water Wars Here

Water is one of the most vital Commons, but who should own it? Who should control it? Who should be responsible for the care of it? I know who should not be involved in any of these questions and it is private stock holders of corporations who want to profit and will or are destroying the water of the world. Water is one of the Commons of the people, but as a whole it is an essential of life not only for drinking but for health and sanitation and to grow our food. Water is more important than gold or oil because without it you die. So why are cities and governments selling or privatizing our water, and do they even have the right to sell our Commons without a vote even? The essentials of life—water, clean air, healthcare, unadulterated food, housing—should be a civil right and one politician should not have the power to take it away from people. All of these things should have oversight by the people as a whole and not by just a few greedy, very rich corporations. This is what will happen, the very rich will drill their wells so deep that the poor people’s well will go dry from the water theft. The cities will raise the price of water until people cannot afford to pay their water bills and when that happens the city will shut off their water after they have squeezed the last cent from the people, and when that happens the city can evict these people for not having water. It has already happened in the U.S. and England, as well. In Detroit, at this time 25,000 families are facing the threat of having their water cut off and it is not that the city or state has no water, it is by the Great Lakes, which holds more than 20 percent of the world’s fresh water so why in 2014 did the city plan to shut off another 60,000 water to homes because of a lack of water like in Fairmead, California, where the water is just gone because of the drought brought on by climate change. Water is big money and the more money the water people make the more powerful they become and this will finance the elections to get people elected who will set the rules in their favor and protect them and their profits at the expense of the people. We must take back control of our water Common worldwide and especially here in the U.S. before people start fighting and dying, which some have already died because of water health around the world. Think this is hyperbole? Former Nestle chief executive officer Peter Brabeck-Letmathe said he doesn’t think water is a human right. This topic must become mainstream and the sooner the better. Check out these California cities: East Porterville, Fresno and Cameron Creek; then checkout the Michigan cities of Detroit and Highland Park. The United Nations conducted a fact-finding mission to determine whether the scale of disconnections violated international human rights law.