Monday, August 10, 2015

It Is Up To The Masses

Then the rulers and bosses seek to squeeze the last drop of blood out of the Have Nots and working class whose labor is or was the source of their wealth. The capitalist governances in Europe are united only in their determination to make working people bear the brunt of their greed. Within the European Union, which includes the 19 member Eurozone, the capitalist in each country plus the U.S. go after the wages and living conditions of the working people within their borders and the anti-union ruling class of the larger powers seeks to reinforce their domination and deepen the exploitation of the toilers, such as removal of obstacles to laying-off workers, weakening unions, and their collective bargaining rights. Then when the power of the people is gone the banks can then force the countries and cities to sell or privatize their assets, such as Athens, Greece, which must privatize its some 55 billion in government assets. This is what is now happening in some U.S. cities. The proletarians must elect people who will stop this or go to the streets. There is no choice anymore. Or soon the workers will have no Commons left, no minimum wage, no jobs, they’ll just become slaves and we will return to serfdom with no hope. The proletariat must join unions or start unions, read, study labor history, history in general, and stand up for their selves and their families, instead of backing the rich hoping someday that they will be rich. I got news for you; if you’re not rich by now you aren’t going to be. The days of becoming rich playing the stock market are gone; it’s stacked against you in favor of the ultra-rich. It is a good paying job backed by a good union or association and electing a good government. No workers should be making less than a living wage, minimum of $15 to $18 an hour, plus universal healthcare and a pension for when you are worn out from working for someone else. It is up to the masses.