Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Is Bernie the Answer?

Has the proletarian class finally found a leader? Could Bernie Sanders be the next Eugene Debs or Franklin Roosevelt? At this time, it looks like he very well could the person that the 99 percent were waiting for. He is not only saying the right things, but he has lived these principles, and he has always advocated for these things his entire life even when some thought he what he was saying was crazy. In fact, when he was younger he started every day by saying his ideas are not crazy, and it seems to be he is right if the numbers gathering to see him are any indication. Single payer healthcare for everyone, a living wage, jobs for all, a good retirement, pensions, taxing the rich and removing the Social Security cap where the rich do not pay into the program. These are the things that resonate with the young, the unions, and the old—and these not crazy, especially since people are awakening to the fact that system is stacked against them courtesy of the rich and GOP. Bernie Sanders is drawing huge crowds of between 2,000 and almost 30,000 people to his events. He does not have many large funders, and relies on the small donations, like President Obama did. He is picking up endorsements, like the National Nurses union, who’ve endorsed him. The people who Bernie owes are the Have Littles and the working class so there isn’t much money there for Bernie to feel beholden to. If people can pony up a little to donate and putting their feet or boots on the ground and voting, Bernie could very well be the last chance for the toilers of the world to take charge of their country and their lives by electing or supporting a person like Bernie, who has and will fight to keep peace. He does not support, advocate or promote wars and violence against others. Bernie will fight for what is right. He has a long history of fighting for the betterment for everyone. He has lost some battles and won some, but he has never quit. Bernie could be the one we have been waiting for and he has a good start. If Bernie was to make it to the oval office he could use his position as the leader of the free world to change the wrongs of the world into a better world for all. Examining where Bernie’s mindset came from, read “The Bending Cross: A Biography of Eugene V. Debs” by Ray Ginger and Mike Davis. While sitting in prison for his activism, Debs ran for president of the U.S. and received more than 1 million votes. Another book to read is on what the very rich might try to do to stop Bernie, “Fifty Years of Covert Operations in the U.S.” by Larry Seigle, Farrell Dobbs and Steve Clark. This is the way the very rich war hacks will attack Bernie, but these tactics will not resonate with the young and the down trodden today because they don’t have a reference point or the history, but the GOP and rich will try. If these tactics of attacking his policies doesn’t work, they will resort to what they did to Martin Luther King Jr, John and Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Walter Reuther, they, the oligarchies, are not beyond doing anything to keep their riches and power. Bernie will need to be very careful. “Let the people take heart and hope everywhere, for the cross is bending, the midnight is passing, and joy cometh with the morning.” Eugene Debs said in 1918