Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Power of the People

The power of the people and the common since of some of the money people have finally came together on the positive effect of a minimum wage hike to lessen wage inequality, and the positive effective of pumping cash into the economy from the spenders. Fifteen dollars an hour is the goal at this time, and Los Angeles is set to become the largest city in America to adopt the new minimum wage following the lead of Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, and there is a movement in New York City. Some states have set new minimum wages, such as Kentucky, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and California. The governors of these states appear to understand that slave wages hurt their economies, nine are Democrats, one is an Independent (former Republican) and six are Republican. The minimum wage is lower than the $15 an hour, but at least it is a start. The wage slaves just need to keep the pressure on and vote smart. If the people of Brazil amassed to fight unfair bus fees, and people in Turkey fought for a park. It was the people uniting that brought about the desired change. Just think back a few years ago when people made fun of the fight for $15. Who’s laughing now? Another big win is in the state of Oregon, workers there have earned sick leave of up to 40 hours a year. Similar legislation was enacted this year in Philadelphia, PA, Tacoma, WA, and Bloomfield, NJ making a total of 18 cities that now have adopted earned sick leave. No more sick people coughing on food they’re serving you. The proletarians have finally taken a page from the playbook of the anti-worker GOP and used these tactics against them by going to the cities and states to get laws passed that help provides a better life for workers and their families. The GOP uses the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and American City County Exchange (ACCE), which are Koch brothers-backed organizations, providing strong coordinated assistance to the conservative anti-unions and workers, and has passed detrimental labor laws year after year. The Koch brothers would like all governmental agencies to be privatized and minimum wage abolished. Now, the workers are turning the table on them by using people power, unions and electing the right people who support workers—and it is paying off in money and jobs. This type of strategy and tactics will work well here and worldwide for nowadays a win in one country is a help towards a win in another country. We are all workers of the world, which ties us all together in the fight against wage and life inequalities. people