Friday, September 25, 2015

The Pressure Is Paying Off

Has the world’s 99 percent finally figured out that they need to vote for and support people who will stand by and fight for the good life they deserve? People like Jeremy Corbyn, Britain’s newly elected Labor Leader is a socialist, and Canada’s liberal candidate, Justin Trudeau, promises to work for the toilers. Now, we have a leader in the U.S. who is running for president, Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, wants big money out of politics, universal healthcare, free public universities, expanded Social Security and a job’s program for youth, plus a living wage beginning at $15 an hour. There is a global movement going on at this time and the toilers are electing popular leaders in countries like Greece, Spain, Ireland, Turkey, Israel and Britain. These people are anti-austerity people and they rally thousands when they speak out for the dispossessed, challenge moribund elites, they are vilified as populists, deluded and dangerous, but they are winning elections. This movement is a Gezi Park—Arab Spring. They grow then fade, but then come back stronger, and with this lean toward the common folks, unions are starting to win more fights and gaining new unions while holding onto what they have. Solidarity is making a comeback and making the voice of labor stronger. The pessimism of the wage slaves is waning. There is even talk of a third party—a labor party based on unions, which would provide for the needs of the toilers. This could very well be the tipping point the wage slaves have been looking for. The question is, will we be smart enough to embrace it and run with it. If not, GOP’s cruel austerity measures will win and we lose—again.