Friday, September 4, 2015

The Kurds Are Best Hope Against ISIS

Why did the U.S. back the Turkish government to up the war on the Kurds? Was it just to save jet fuel by having a base in Turkey? If so then money is more important than Kurdish lives and when the Kurdish fighters are the only ground troops who are kicking the asses of the ISIS fighters. The Kurdish people have been divided into four places and they have been fighting this injustice for the last 100 years and the Kurds have never given up. The air strikes that we use to fight ISIS have to be coordinated by someone on the ground, which at this time is the Kurds. There needs to be a payoff for the only ground troops who are fighting and winning against ISIS. The Kurds would have had their own country except for what the U.K. did after World War I. The UK at the end of WWI denied the Kurds a homeland which turned the Kurds into nomads, but they have never given up on a homeland for there are 30 million oppressed nationality who struggle to survive in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. To make matters worse Turkey is now using air strikes against the Kurds and declaring them to be terrorists just to cover their asses for bombing the Kurd fighters, who are men and women. If we want to beat ISIS, we need to stop killing Kurds and the U.S. needs to stop betraying our only fighting friends Maybe we are used to betraying our friends. Just look at how we have been treating Puerto Rico. It’s been much like what was done to Greece by crushing the country with debt. The people have been fighting for their independence and against the imprisonment of Oscar Lopez Rivera, who has been sitting in prison for the past 34 years for being a freedom fighter for his country. Again, it is all about money over lives. We, the U.S., need to get on the right side and stand up for the toilers of the world as we would unions and let the 1 percent take care of themselves.