Sunday, September 13, 2015

Theocracy Will Destroy Our Democracy

The fight to keep a democracy from turning into a theocracy has to start with the people who have the money and want a theocracy to further control the masses. Jerry Falwell Liberty University donated $639,520.749 to a political action committee, America Family Association’s Donald Wildmon donated $17,955.438, Pat Robertson’s Christian Regent University $487,152.266, Beverly and Tim LaHaye’s Concerned Women for America gave $15,062.805, Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council gave $14,255, 533, James Dobson’s Focus on the Family donated $92,316,686, Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition gave $3, 375, 131, Jay Sekulow’s American Center for Law and Justice donated $57,731,904, Tim LaHaye’s Council for National Policy gave $2,169,909, Ed Meese’s Alliance Defending Freedom gave $47,687, 860. These people want to control your life. They are anti-union. They want religious school vouchers, which degrade the public school system, and religion taught in public schools. They are against gay marriage. They want to con people out of their money, yet keep their tax exempt status. They blur the line between separation of church and state by pulpit-based electioneering, which is a violation of federal laws. These religious leaders corrupt the true mission of faith communities when they rail against the wage slaves, and they should lose their tax exempt status and should be paying taxes on their mansions and jets. They call for religious freedom, but they foster discrimination against some people and allow one group to control the private affairs of others. They also attack reproductive freedom and LGBT rights. These people and their money will support the GOP anti-union, anti-workers under the guise of this is what God wants or God tells them. Do you really think God would want this? This same type of people are worldwide, in fact, some of these people are in Africa with their anti-gay/LGBT crap and ISIS destroying people lives and mankind's history. These people have no place in elections other than voting alongside everyone else. These parasites need to be reined in. If you look at the dummying down of our society, you will see the role these people have played in brain washing people into voting against their best interests, revile unions and donate money to them they can ill afford. Having the people uneducated and trusting is how these people swindle their money. Where in the bible does it say the preacher should live in mansions, have private jets and expensive vehicles. It says the opposite, as a matter of fact. Educate yourself and be prepared to vote. The primaries are right around the corner.