Wednesday, June 29, 2016

DNC is Corporate Owned

The Democratic Party can hand the election for president to Donald Trump by not including Bernie Sanders’ platform on its final platform at this year’s convention. Instead, the Democratic committee drafting the platform has rejected Sanders’ proposals. Proposals that would help the majority of Americans and other countries whether they are retired, young or working. The committee has excluded or watered down issues, such as raising the minimum wage, single-payer healthcare, and refusing to reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership, fracking, and addressing the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. They voted against or neutered an amendment to protect pensions, against a carbon tax, against preventing energy companies from using eminent domain for fossil fuel extractions, against making climate change a test for the Keystone Pipelines, against an amendment to add language eliminating use of force in the Syrian conflict, among other concerns that effect the majority of people. The committee instead chose to honor its corporate donors. Hillary Clinton cannot get elected without the votes from Sanders’ supporters, and that is a fact. There aren’t enough Republicans willing to vote for her despite her hawkish ways and being more of a Republican than Democratic. Coming from modest means, she and her husband and their Clinton Foundation are worth millions. So, who does Hillary relate to when she wears $12,000 jackets, earns $210,795 per speech, and has fundraisers for a $1,000 a plate or seat. It’s clear she is just representing the 1 percent the same as Donald Trump. If the Democratic platform does not side with the 99 percent, then there is a good chance a third party will run more successfully than ever before, and if Bernie is the leading candidate on that third party ticket, it will be one hell of a fight and very well a huge win for the 99 percent. At this time, the safest way for the Democratic establishment to hold the party together and keep Trump at bay is to adopt Bernie’s army’s platform, otherwise Trump wins—or a third party candidate wins, which at this time might make the unions happy for unions are not getting any help from either party at this point. Now maybe the time for a third party, one that would support workers, protecting our Social Security, Medicare, healthcare for all, protecting other countries, protecting the environment—the list goes on. There is still time to reverse a lot of the damage done toward the 99 percent in favor of the 1 percent. Vote Bernie Sanders, who has no baggage, is honest, and is only beholden to the 99 percent. Trump calls himself a billionaire; Hillary makes more money in one hour than Bernie makes in a year so who are you willing to trust with your and your family’s future?