Thursday, June 2, 2016

Unions Backed the Clintons, Who Cut Their Throat

Why are some labor unions supporting Hillary Clinton when labor does not have a seat at the table at the Democratic Convention? Bernie Sanders chose RoseAnn DeMoro, head of National Nurses union, as one of his platform representatives on the platform drafting committee for the convention. She was to advocate for Medicare for All. The rationale for eliminating DeMoro is because unions are represented on the full-platform committee. However, labor has one seat out of the 15 people on this drafting committee. Labor built the Democratic party to represent the working people, and built this country’s infrastructure, and for that we get one person to represent us. As has been said by others, at the Democratic Convention, K Street is better represented than the labor movement. The Clintons’ antilabor legacy is partly responsible for the 2008-2016 world financial crisis. NAFTA went against all labor and sent jobs out of the U.S. and the threat of moving jobs broke the unions and drove wages down. This all started with the Clintons and the Democratic party leaving the workers for big banks and Wall Street to get money to run for president. It worked for Bill Clinton twice, for Barack Obama twice and now the Clintons are counting on it working twice for Hillary. If Bill and Hillary get back into the White House again for eight years they will finish cutting labors throats and in the process there will be an end to unions, single-payer healthcare will not be realized, the living wage or minimum wage increase will not happen, and the private prison industry will continue to thrive. Our workers will end up with only service industry jobs with the 1 percent growing richer and the Have Nots with nothing in their stomachs where food once went. This has nothing to do with working hard,and everything to do with the odds stacked against us by the corporate elite. Corporations will keep trying to rape and pillage the world for the oligarchies’ profits. Here in the U.S. and the rest of the world change must come and the change must come from the people and the must be well organized and prepared for the win. They must have a sound plan to move forward. With no plans, the void that is created could be filled with parasites or radicals who are just like jackals who wait on the side for the kill then swoop in for the meat. This is what happened in the Arab Spring. K Now, if the Democratic party is destroyed, the Have Nots must have a strong party to replace it or change the party back to the Roosevelt party. If the workers’ unions and retired people don’t vote the right way we could end up with the GOP. Like the 1930s-1940s when the Axis of Powers were trying to fill the void.