Saturday, June 11, 2016

Occupy For Us All

We are headed for another Occupy Wall Street movement and this time there is another army called the Bernie’s Army, people across the U.S. willing to fight for what’s right, thanks to Bernie Sanders. Now we just need more leaders like Bernie and it is time they step forward. The time is ripe and not only here in the U.S., but the world over. Just look at the union busting going on here and throughout the world. The fight between the corporations/oligarchies who are awash in hundreds of millions of dollars are permitted to loot and pillage the last shreds of wealth, human capital, and resources and the Commons of nations where the poor do not eat and there are no jobs, where the sick die and children go hungry. Now that there is a split in the parties, we must pull the other side into our movement. We want the police and National Guard to know that we understand they are not the 1 percent. The goal is not to get every cop and National Guard member, but to get enough to have a division. We go to the labor people and get them to leave the Trump GOP and side with us. Occupy now has an agenda and millions of people. The 1 percent is now vastly outnumbered. The people know what they want and it is not the status quo. This is now a participatory democracy versus the oligarchy. It’s the elites versus the people, and the majority will win.  Just look at the fight for $15 an hour minimum wage now, in the beginning people thought it was a ridiculous amount. The 1 percent should remember that the New Deal of the 1930s saved capitalism.