Saturday, June 25, 2016

French Workers' Fight Will Be Ours

The fight for unions worldwide is being fought in France. French workers are like the little boy with his finger in the hole on the dike of anti-unionism worldwide. If the French government wins, so will the fight to make it easier to fire workers and to end the 35-hour workweek. The corporations of the world and governments who cater to them will all be trying the same thing in their countries. It is hard enough for unions to fight corporations and their own governments, but to do it at the same time is overwhelming. Although the Brits just voted for to leave the EU, for better or worse, but the people took their futures into their own hands and won the election over the money people. There is still hope for people power. The workers of the world need to support the French workers on opposing the French government’s planned labor reforms, which the conservatives-led senate is to vote on the bill Tuesday, June 28, 2016. If the workers lose this fight, the loss could reverberate around the world, and give governments confidence to try it even here in the U.S. With the elections in turmoil here in the U.S., there is a lot of uncertainty. This is the time all unions need to pull together and in the U.S., all unions need to join together with Bernie Sanders’ army and get ready for future elections and the fight for our survival. If the French win, we should build on their success. If the French government wins, we need to go on the offensive.