Monday, January 2, 2012

How the 99% Can Take Back Our Government

Elect people who will pass a law to outlaw lobbyists, who are just moneybag people who buy our elected politicians. The politicians, in turn, make laws which make the oligarchs (the 1%) even more money to spend on corrupting more law makers. It’s a vicious cycle.

Yes, our unions have lobbyists, but we don’t need them. We are the 99% and that is people power, which trumps money power. We should put limits on how much money can be spent on elections and that money should come from the government’s pot of money. Each citizens of the USA puts $20 per year in the federal pot and for states it is $5 and for counties $2 and cities $1 per person. A total of $28 per year to take back our political system from lobbyists and corporate control. I am sure the rest of the details of the election could be worked out if we, the 99%, wanted to make our country better.

We should look hard at all of our free trade treaties and start thinking about what is best for our 99%, and get our people back to work. Who would then start buying products and manufacturing could start making more goods, which would mean they would hire more of the 99%, who would then be paying more taxes. It would be the domino effect in reverse. Even the 1% would make money if they get their heads out of the dark hole that they have had their heads in for the last few years.

If we don’t do the clean up of lobbyist, elections reform, finance reform, and free trade laws, we will fall further into a plutocracy.