Friday, January 20, 2012

Winning -- the Conversation

You know when you’re winning when you get the attention of your opposition and especially when the opposition starts recognizing your organization after first trying to ignore you and then treating you with distain.

The message of the 99% is now resonating with increasingly more “Have Nothing,” “Have Little” and “Want Mores.” The win is when the 1% starts to see themselves being boxed into a corner in which there seems no way out other than alienating the 99% of the working people.

They are failing to recognize that in the 99%, 70.2% are registered as Independents and 2.4% are registered as Republicans. It is time for the 99% and unions to go for a full-court press for now 99% have the best time for our message to be heard by the lawmakers of our government. They will have to pick a side: the 1% or the 99%. If they do not recognize us, the 99%, there is no doubt the 1% will lose - this by the 1%’s own admission.

We must come together and keep up the pressure. We have the 1% on the run, they are confused in what their message should be to counter a leaderless 99%; but the 99% must stay mobile so the 1% cannot stage a counter attack.

At this the 99% have a winning strategy. We must not let down our guard and we must remain vigilant at all times for the 1% will eventually find a message to try to counter us. If we lose this fight our annual average income of just $26,000 will further decrease to complete poverty.