Monday, January 2, 2012

The Six Types of Government

Centuries ago, Niccolo Machiavelli declared that there were six types of governments: three were good and three were bad. The three good are principality, aristocracy and democracy. The three bad types are tyranny, oligarchy and anarchy.

Those who are to form a government must turn to one of these three good types of governments depending on what seems appropriate to them. However, these three types can easily slip from one form to the others. A principality thus can easily become a tyranny; an aristocracy becomes and oligarchy with ease; and a democracy slips into anarchy with little effort.

Thus is the founders of a republic establishes one of three types of government in a country he will establish it for only a short time because no remedy is capable of preventing one form of government from slipping into a contrary form of ruling because of the similarities that exists in each form of government; in this case virtue and vice.

Looking at what is going on in the USA today, we can see some similarities of what Machiavelli was writing about in the year 1513.

We are witnessing the oligarchies taking control of our governments and why this is worth knowing. If we know our enemy or history we just might have time to change what is happening. I think a majority of our voters do not know or understand what is happening to our government and if we don’t understand what is happening then how can we have any control.

We must understand that the oligarchies, like the Koch brothers and many others like them, are just about to take over our lives and make all of our children wage slaves. We must know our enemy (Art of War).

The information from Machiavelli has been out there for centuries; maybe we, the 99%, should start paying attention. For it looks like the 1% has read Machiavelli’s books: Art of War and The Prince.