Monday, January 2, 2012

The making of Wage Slaves

The oligarchies, 1%, with ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) buys governments and with ALEC’s help buys new laws to have the advantage over the wage slaves, 99%.

With the new anti-union slave wage laws, they can take away the bargaining rights of workers to even have a union rep. With a plutocracy form of government that oligarchy have put in place so that only they can benefit as they cut funding for education for the 99% wage slaves, which keeps the wage slaves at the bottom of the economic ladder. Also, a dumb worker won’t cause much trouble.

The wage slaves will probably have to work until they die for the oligarchies. The slave wages provided by employers will not allow the wage slaves to have a pension, and the wage slaves do not make enough money to save for retirement and if they do save, the oligarchies will find a way to take it away (Wall Street) so the wage slaves will have to work until they die.

The oligarchies, corporations, and GOP have figured out that one of the best ways to keep the wage slavers’ heads down and slaving is to keep the slaves in debt. Houses cars, healthcare, education, insurances, taxes, food, gas, credit cards and if the bankers lets the slaves take out a second on their homes, the corporations have the wage slaves in an even tighter hold.