Saturday, January 14, 2012

We Need Piranhas

~ Piranhas are prehistoric flesh-eating fish. ~

OWS are still doing the right thing by not giving in to what other people think they should be doing, such as specifying a leader, declaring who they are or what they want, which can then be attacked by the Right. Any little concession by OWS, will be looked upon with disdain. What the OWS 99% care about -- no one party nor one person -- will ever accomplish because no party or group of people will ever be in total agreement 100 percent of the time with what the 99 percent want, need or believe in. This is just a fact of human nature.

What is needed to help alleviate the needs and wishes of the 99% is for all members of our law makers to take bites of what they believe in. If they could develop a piranha-type attack on the things which are detrimental to the 99% we can win. I’m not advocating that Democrats or OWS engage in behavior typical of Republicans, which is to eat their own, but to be more assertive or aggressive in some situations.

We may not always agree on everything; however at those times when we do agree, we should go at it like piranhas during a feeding frenzy. Piranhas engage in feeding frenzies only happen when they are faced with provocation or starvation, we, the 99%, are nearly to this point.

This is the mandate, which we must create in our elected leaders. What is best for the 99% and force the 1% to do what is best for ALL of us and not what is best for them at the expense of the U.S. wage slaves and the world. The 99% are wage slaves, but we can still demand dignity and a share in the world’s 1% wealth. Without the wage slaves, the 1% would not have the wealth they are sitting on. It’s a symbiotic relationship, we, the 99% and 1%, have an interdependent relationship; one cannot exist without the other.

We, at this time, already have a few piranhas nibbling around the political table: Bernie Sanders comes to mind. Can you imagine 1,000 Bernies going after the 1% in Congress and the senate? This would be power to the piranha people! We still own the power, we just have to start using it more and not let the 1% or religious cons continue to hijack our country. We must stay focused on what is fair for the wage slaves and our children’s future. If we fight back then it will make us stronger and maybe we will be around for another 100 years or more.