Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lack of Accountability Hurts Toilers

Why is there so much unrest and fighting in the world? Is it just a coincidence that most of the impact is on the toilers? And who or what is to blame? It is not the wage slaves for they are just barely getting by and in some cases being savaged by raped, killed or sold into slavery. It is not only the Middle East or South America or Ukraine, it is everywhere. So what are the commonalities? Oil, gas, precious metals and gems, water and among resources, which then equals money and power. If the governments do not respect the ownership of the commons or its people power than the oligarchies will buy some of us, give guns and take what they want, which is all of it. There is never enough for these greedy people, and once the 1/10 of the 1 percent of the billionaires beat the toilers. They will turn on each other, but we, the workers, will be the ones who are forced to do the fighting and killing while they sit back and watch like a sporting event. We already see this sporting event in the elections where the media is pitting one person against another just to gain more power. It is all driven by greed of the money people, the same old people with so much money that they are now bored with life and need a hobby or new game at our cost. This is all done by a handful of people. They need to be shown that there is a price to be paid for this type of behavior. I think we opened Pandora’s Box with the Iraq war and all the Bush/Cheney actions, such as torture, invasions of countries based on lies and no one held accountable—all so the oligarchies’ companies could profit off the destruction and killings. Now we have Russia’s Putin and Ukraine, who saw what our country did to Iraq and Afghanistan and now he is doing or trying to do what the U.S. did. Both government heads of state bought and paid for by the oligarchies and no one is held accountable so it will keep happening until there is accountability.