Monday, May 12, 2014

Why the USA Lost Ground

How did the USA lose so much ground in the economical struggle, which has destroyed the middle class? The fight between oligarchies and the commoners began when President Roosevelt started the New Deal, which came on the heels of the 1929 Great Depression. The Great Depression was caused by the Robber Barons, the old oligarchies who destroyed the trade unions and the International Workers of the World (IWW) unions. With the IWW and the New Deal, the 99 percent came back, but forgot that in every war when one side loses they sometimes just go underground to harass and rebuild. This is what the Koch brothers did and what the billionaire party has been doing and their Holy Grail was getting control of the U.S. Supreme Court. Remember, the U.S. Supreme Court gives and takes away the Citizens United decision took the election process away from the workers and gave it to the one-tenth of the 1 percent. They have all the money and can buy or defeat any candidate. Their long-term economic goal is to create a right-wing extremist economy in which working people have virtually no rights or protections, and they will not be satisfied until all toilers work for wages of $3 or nothing at all or just enough to survive. Also, they want to finish off the Roosevelt’s New Deal and all legislation passed in the last 80 years, which protects the interest of the wage slaves and their families, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education, the right of toilers to organize, worker safety, unemployment benefits, nutrition programs, the Postal Service and, of course, the minimum wage. The billionaires do have their work cut out for them, but why in the hell do we or some of us think it is a good thing to help them by supporting their businesses or voting for the GOP teabaggers. They don’t need help they own the media, Fox, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and many others. The 99 percent needs to step back and take a hard, educated look at who our friends are, examine what they say and what they actually do, and then organize and educate all of our wage slaves who are so brainwashed and beaten down that they no longer have the will to stand up and vote or fight. When the right leadership comes along the masses will join and destroy the oligarchy type of government. Just the way history has shown that when the masses have no food or money for their families, they will revolt. If so, then maybe we can then put together a government, which will last more than 800 years and was accomplished by Lycurgus of Sparta, who established his laws that were used in the three types of government: principality, aristocracy and democracy, each keeps watch over the other. So, how did we lose so much, most of all of the above plus a lack of understanding, lack of education, apathy, not doing our homework and letting our decisions be influenced by our enemies when it comes to unions and the rest of the wage slaves? Now, that we understand what happened maybe we can start to rebuild and the $15 to $18 an hour would be a good start with voting for people, who would support minimum wage and protecting the toilers.