Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Redistribution of Wealth

One ethical argument for redistributing the income from rich to poor comes from the psychological truth: the nineteenth century’s so-called utilitarianism in which a law should be to produce the greatest possible happiness equally. Taking a thousand dollars from someone who’s rich and giving it to someone who is poor might diminish the rich man’s happiness slightly, but would certainly increase the happiness of the poor person far more. Taxing the wealthy to help the poor therefore increases the sum total of happiness. The economic justification for organizing the economy in such a way that the oligarchies did not accumulate a disproportionate share to begin with and also to maintain enough total demand for products and services for if the spenders have no money to buy their share of happiness then the economy the economy does not work. This is why the minimum wage must be raised to $15 to $18 an hour across the USA and most of Europe. Some do see the need for the wage slaves and the businesses to have money in the pockets of the spenders, but even the states that do raise the minimum wage are just slow walking the raises, like Michigan which is due to raise its minimum wage to $9.10 but spread out for years before getting to that rate. For people living in California and other states this will not work for the workers, but it will give the anti-wage people time to build a defense against the $15 to $18 an hour. They are using a tactical retreat to stop or slow the low wage workers progress, such as Seattle, Washington’s $15 an hour minimum wage. It is an old Art of War strategy so the pro wage union people must keep the pressure on and support all who is in this fight, such as the workers at Autogrill in Germany. Autogrill’s lawyers are pushing back hard. They do not want t lose this fight, but neither do the workers. I hope they do not back down for this would be a good win for all wage slaves. Autogrill has shops in 43 countries with 75,000 workers.