Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stop Oligarchy Control

When the sun shines on ice, the ice usually melts and when the sun shines on agendas and methods of the oligarchies they will start to lose ground. The Koch brothers fund Americans for Prosperity—just think about this for a moment. The prosperity is just for the Koch brothers, not for the workers. When they invest they invest to make more money. The Koch brothers are also large contributors to ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council), that writes state bills and gives them to Koch supported politicians to get passed in state houses across the nation. Again, this only helps the oligarchies. One only has to look at Wisconsin and New Jersey to see how detrimental these ALEC influenced bills are destroying these states because the laws only help the oligarchies. The Koch brothers and other rich oligarchies have their water boys, who are their mouth pieces, their talking heads, like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and the entire Fox news cast of characters. These corporate whores are also the enforcers when one of the bought politicians goes off track. They will vilify these politicians or anyone who opposes the approved agenda on television and radio. One good case to watch is Lansing, Michigan, where the Koch brothers are running advertisements to torpedo Detroit’s bankruptcy case, which would save some of the pension money for city workers, firefighters, police, teachers and others. The Kochs have threatened to run ads against members of the Republican-controlled legislature who vote in favor of the appropriation for $195 million to help settle the pensions. These people, the Koch brothers, et al, must be stopped. They already have control of the U.S. Supreme Court or at least five members of the Court, now they have turned their attention to cities, counties and state governments. They can literally buy these small governments, and the more they get, the more powerful and richer they become. If they own the federal, state, county and city governments, they then own the Army, National Guard, city and county law enforcements and the wage slaves are left standing on the sidewalk of despair and poverty. We will have no chance in the court system, which means we will not have voting rights, right to form unions, control of our educational system, which is under attack to privatize, and we will have lost all our rights to our commons. It can be stopped and it will come from the bottom the 47 to 99 percent of the population. The populace movement is now taking place with the fast food workers worldwide. We must retake the power and money worldwide to help understand all should read “Capital in the Twenty-first Century” by Thomas Piketty. Check out this website: