Monday, May 5, 2014

Oligarchies Own the Governments

The oligarchies do control the world with money. They have bought and paid for our elected politicians and entire governments. What we usually see is the one person at the top who we then direct all our attention to, but we should look at this oligarch control as an iceberg, as the really destructive danger is not seen. The unseen, larger portion of the iceberg is under the water and this is why we, the 99 percent, get blindsided by people who we think are running our country, like presidents Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and in Russia Putin. They are all just figureheads controlled by the 1 percent oligarchies and their corporate money, which is all part of the underwater part of the iceberg. The oligarchies formed organizations, such as American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC to usurp our country’s political process. The ownership of countries by the oligarchies has never worked out or lasted long. After they have all the money and power then they start abusing their people, creating serfdoms, and the oligarchies become paranoid and then they see assassins around every corner and the masses become subhuman to them. They start filling up gulags and prisons with people they suspect of being against them. This has led to uprisings in Syria, Ukraine and many other areas that are experiencing uprisings of the people. ALEC, which is funded by corporations, writes laws to undermine workers and pays off politicians to pass these laws. We fund the corporations by purchasing their products and they use this money against so in essence we are funding the attacks upon us, the workers. These corporations, such as Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Bank of America and Wall Street, among others, are who we need to shine a light on to expose them and ask, “Do you support the working spenders or not?” We need to ask when we are checking out at the cash registers, “Are you union or do you support a $15 to $16 an hour minimum wage for workers?” We must start the conversation at the bottom. Let that clerk think about the $15 an hour versus the $7 or $8 an hour the rest of the working day. Change is coming, but we must keep putting fuel on the fire: asking and informing. It will cost you nothing, but could win a supporter for you and your family. Remember, a good offense will usually overcome a good defense for an offense has a greater mobility and a defense is usually a fortress type. So if it is a large box store we could just starve them out by a boycott, which the toilers just sit on what little money they have.