Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Are We Reverting to Tribes?

Are the workers and countries of the world returning to tribal governments of the old days where countries were made up of family tribes and religions? Just look at places like the Middle East, Africa, and Afghanistan all are reverting to the past like Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Turkey and the list goes on. Are the large countries starting to fade? Are they getting too large to defend or control? Are governments too polarized to govern? Has the 1 percent billionaires of the world gained control and only want more money and power over the workers? And if this is the case it could be the tipping point for the loss of a civilized world and the beginning of a world filled with ISIS types who just hate and kill for their ideology. When money and power is worshipped over the good of people, there will be a revolt and will it be peaceful or a bloodletting? The days of large countries dominating small countries are over. Just how long can the U.S. hang onto our satellite countries or impose our will on them? England has lost most of its empires; Russia has lost most its countries even though Putin is trying to take some of them back and if he wins, he’ll continue on his path until the USSR is reunited, either way the countries will never be the same. The winners of the world will be the country or tribes who take the best care of its people and its land. This will also require the country to keep its nose out of other countries business unless invited and only then if the people give permission to do so for humanitarian purposes. Large countries can only control a country for so long before the people rise up and overcome their oppressors. Just look at Afghanistan, they have never given up and never will. They beat Russia, the U.S. and England, and Alexander the Great in medieval times. Times have changed.