Wednesday, July 22, 2015

GOP Wants A Greek-style U.S.

One only has to look at Europe to see what is in store for the proletariats in the U.S. Look at the similarities of the proletariats of Europe and here. The GOP wants to eliminate minimum wage completely along with labor unions while cutting funding for all social programs. Also, in Europe there are countries like Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain that are now being black mailed by an international group of corporate chief executive officers who are not even elected and they are not accountable to anyone except to the banks and their own interests. The people in these countries now have no rights or hope for a better life or even a job. When this is done then these people have no country. They’re just living in a place with no rights or future. If the capitalist system of the world hopes to exist the oligarchies must change their money making ways and invest in jobs and quit using their money in loans or getting rich off the interest, paying no taxes and making poor people work for them for little compensation. In Germany, there has just been billions of Euros made off the selling of Greek banks and the screwing over of the Greek people. There’s a meme going around the Internet that says: “What Hitler failed with tanks, Merkle does with banks.” Rather fitting in this case. And this is what the GOP wants to do here.