Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Greek Vote Heard Around the World

The world labor market is changing. We are running out of jobs and the people who will be displaced from the workforce will devote their freedom to simple leisure, some will seek to build productive communities outside the workplace, others will fight, passionately, to reclaim their productivity by piecing together jobs in an informal economy. These are the futures of consumption, communal creativity and contingency in any combination it is certain there would be a radical new role for government. The world will be watching Greece now that it has voted no on austerity. The Greeks are done with years of harsh economic conditions inflicted upon them by financial institutions, not for anything they did. One, they will probably take a hard look at the present capitalist system and the Eurozone nations and do they even want to keep the Euro as their currency. Hell, they might even go to Bitcoins or back to the Drachmas. There will be changes in the labor and probably an upswing in the precariat working class with workers who swing from job to job to make ends meet because companies don’t want full-time workers to avoid providing benefits to these employees. This is where government will need to step in and provide healthcare, education and let unions work for the workers’ rights. The Greeks have a chance to start over and build a country for the good of their people and if they get it right, there are other countries that might follow in Greece’s footsteps, like Spain, Portugal, England, and Italy. This could be the end of wage and opportunity inequality. Yes, Greece is a small country with a huge population for its size, but it looks like the people ar ready to fight for a better life and more promise for their children. Sometimes small is good for it makes it easy to make needed changes. Also, the investors will see opportunity to make money. Just don’t let them make their money off the backs of the Greek workers.