Sunday, July 12, 2015

Truth Behind Greece's Trouble

What happened and is happening in countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, and Portugal has already happened here in the U.S. The blatant facts are it is not the fault of the borrowing people or countries; it is the reckless lending by German, U.S. and other banks or lending institutions, like Goldman Sachs. Greece should have never been let into the Euro and only met the membership criteria by working with Goldman Sachs to cook its books much to the detriment of the Greek people. The books were cooked to hide Greece’s debt with currency swaps after the 2008 crisis. The banks that lent so recklessly were bailed out and Greece was left holding the bag. The idea that Greece is to blame for its woes and should do like Ireland did is wrong. If this all sounds like we here in the U.S. have heard and seen this financial criminal behavior before, we have and again the banks and Wall Street were bailed out and the people were thrown out of their homes. At this time in Spain, nearly 350,000 Spanish families are unable to cover their mortgage payments and have been evicted, which precipitated a wave of suicides and now there are 3 million houses vacant. Between 24 percent to 50 percent of young people are jobless and this could very well be happening here in the U.S. again for there is a war being waged on our unions, wages and most of our social programs. With oligarchies like the Koch brothers getting more money and power each election, what we’re seeing in Europe is what will happen here unless the proletarians become educated on what is to be done and how to do it. Enough is enough. How much money does one wealthy family need to live comfortably?